Service & Maintenance

Air Conditioning Associates offer Service and Maintenance contracts to both domestic and commercial clients with all installations and also for equipment installed by others.

From a single unit in the home to multi industrial installations we offer planned preventative maintenance to meet individual needs and budgets.

Service and Maintenance ensures that manufacturers warranties remain valid and that your air conditioning system operates to it's peak performance all year round, adding to its life expectancy.

We currently carry out service, maintenance and repairs in the following areas:-

Teddington, Twickenham, Richmond Upon Thames, Kingston Upon Thames, Morden, Chertsey, Acton, Chiswick, Isleworth, Hounslow, Feltham, Ashford, Putney, Sheen, Kensington, Hampstead, Guildford, Dagenham, Ruislip, Slough, Wembley, Radlett, Thatcham, Basingstoke, Milton Keynes, Oxford, Greenhithe, Croydon, Bath, Bristol, Southampton, Derby, London postal areas EC2, W1, W3, W4, W11, W12, WC1, NW3, SE11, SW1, SW4, SW6, SW8, SW9, SW11, SW14, SW15, TW1, TW6, TW7, TW9, TW10, TW11, TW13 and TW15

F-Gas Regulations - Protecting the Environment

The European Union's F-Gas Regulation No 842/2006 became law on 4th July 2007 regarding refrigerant gases. The purpose of the regulation is to minimise emissions of these gases into the atmosphere, mainly through reduced leakage and through gas recovery during servicing. The regulations cover any Air Conditioning system containing more than 3kg of gas.

It is the responsibility of the operator of the equipment, i.e. the owner/end user, to comply with the regulations which cover the following:-
* The prevention of leaks and to repair any leaks as soon as possible
* To arrange proper refrigerant recovery by certified personnel during servicing and disposal.
* To carry out regular tests for leaks (the number of tests per year are defined by the amount of refrigerant in the system)
* To ensure that certified and competent people carry out those tests. Our engineers are qualified to City & Guilds or CITB standards in safe handling of refrigerants and registered with ACRIB. Air Conditioning Associates are registered with REFCOM
* Keep comprehensive records of refrigerants and service records.

Further details can be obtained from the DEFRA website.

F-Gas certification

From 4th July 2009 it became a legal requirement for all businesses that install, maintain or service stationary refrigeration, air-conditioning or heat-pump (RAC) equipment that contains or is designed to contain "F gas" refrigerants to hold a Company Certificate issued by an appointed Company Certification Body. It will be an offence to carry out these activities without a Company Certificate.

Air Conditioning Associates hold REFCOM F-Gas certification

Further details can be obtained from the DEFRA website.

R22 is one of the most common refrigerants that are being used in air conditioning units but recent legislation changes has led to the phasing out of this refrigerant as the release of HFC compounds into the atmosphere is harmful to the protective ozone layer. From 1st January 2004 heat pump equipment that used R22 refrigerant is no longer manufactured.

After 31st December 2009, it is illegal to use virgin R22 refrigerant gas for service and maintenance of air conditioning systems and from 1st January 2015 the use of all HCFCs including recycled materials will be banned. Stock piling of virgin and reclaimed HCFC R22 will also be illegal.

By far the most environmentally responsible solution is to completely replace existing HCFC R22 equipment with modern HFC based alternatives which offer improved energy efficiency meaning lower operating costs.

HFC systems are quieter and more reliable. Many original HCFC R22 systems were cooling only, whereas they can now be replaced with heat pumps offering efficient year round heating and cooling.

Most replacement systems will attract tax incentives such as Enhanced Capital Allowance.

Enhanced Capital Allowances (ECAs) are a straightforward way for a business to improve its cash flow through accelerated tax relief. The ECA scheme for energy-saving technologies encourages businesses to invest in energy-saving plant as specified on the Energy Technology List (ETL) which is managed by the Carbon Trust on behalf of Government.

The ECA scheme provides businesses with 100% first year tax relief on their qualifying capital expenditure.

Air Conditioning Associates will be pleased to survey free of charge your existing R22 equipment and offer a modern cost effective solution.

Interest Free Energy-Efficiency Loans

The energy-efficiency loans from the Carbon Trust are a cost effective way to replace or upgrade your old wasteful existing equipment with a more energy efficient system.

The loan scheme is designed so that anticipated energy savings offset the repayments of the loan, which means the equipment should pay for itself and you should continue to make savings year on year.

Small or medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) that meet the qualify criteria could borrow from £3,000 to £500,000 depending on the amount and type of energy saved. It is government funded, unsecured and interest free.

Applying is straight forward - further details can be obtained from the Carbon Trust website.